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How to Make Cool Edits to Your Photos

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I'm Angela Wills, a friend of Nicole's and one of her coaching clients.

I asked Nicole if she'd let me create a ‘surprise' guest post on her blog. I told her she could approve it before it goes out but I didn't want her to see it before she's done. (insert sneaky laugh here…)

Maybe I should backup for a second, though…

I don't think I've guest blogged here before. Like I said, I'm Angela Wills. My website is Marketers Mojo. I know Nicole from way back in somewhere around 2003 or so when I joined a membership forum she also belonged to.

These days I help Nicole with content stuff over at, I also get really rocking coaching from her and I like to consider her one of the most awesome people on the ‘net.

As I mentioned, Nicole is coaching me to build my business. My business is to help people to build their businesses. That's how I come to be here today with a handy tip I think will help you make an impact with your graphics.

Cool Photo Edits For Your Website

I want to help show you a little graphics trick that you can use to add some flavor to your online marketing. You can do many different things with this technique…including but not limited to… tweaking your photos with cool edits and backgrounds.

I decided to have a little fun with Nicole's picture to use as an example of what you can do. Here's the picture I swiped from the header here:

And let's jump right to the results, shall we? Have a look at what I made Nicole say. The last photo edit is my favorite! (hehe)…

Now you're probably wondering how I did that! Well I thought it would be fun to see how fast I could do it and record a video. So I did one on video and then I recorded a voice over telling you what I did. It was less than seven minutes total. Here's the video:

Here's the thing: You can do this too!

You can make cool edits to your photos, crop the background out, add a new background in, put a hat Santa hat on, draw a mustache on your competition (or your friends), put in cool backgrounds and more.

Get Gimp – a FREE Program to Edit Photos & Add Backgrounds

The good news is you can also do it all with GIMP which is a totally free program.

Click here -> To learn How to Download Gimp for free.

In all honesty it's going to take you more than seven minutes the first time you do it. It might take you thirty minutes or even an hour. Once you develop the skill, though, you can use it over and over again so it's well worth the time investment.

Learn How to Use Gimp

If you want to skip some of the learning curve and have a Gimp resource you can refer back to I'd like to invite you to check out my gimp graphics video course that you can sign up for. AND – because Nicole is awesome I've got a coupon code for you: nicolerocks

Here's where you go to order and get $10 off:
Click here to Learn to Use Gimp
Coupon Code: nicolerocks

I hope you've enjoyed this and have learned something new. 🙂

Angela Wills


  • Angela Wills

    I had to laugh at myself in this video when I said (quote):

    “I ended up changing to marketing magician because you can’t be a wizard if you’re a girl” …said so matter of fact-ly.

    Thanks so much for posting this Nicole, much appreciated.

    If anyone has any questions on how to do this please post them here and I’d be happy to answer them!

  • Bob Marconi


    Thanks for the info on Gimp. I have it but have not used it much – this helps…

  • Tiffany

    I love GIMP and have been using it for awhile now. I’m ok at using it but would like to learn how to do more complex things with it. Checking out your site now!

  • greg

    Its amazing how many apps and bits of software like this exist now, it’s become so easy to make all kinds of crazy custom photos — remember BLINGEE?? LOL. I remember the “good old days” when it took 5 hours in PaintShop Pro to work such magic.

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