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If you only had 1 hour a day to devote to your business…

A few months back I posted this story on my network.

I was recently forced to really streamline my business activities. For personal reasons I have had to limit the time I can work on ‘my stuff' while still needing to see my income drastically increase. Quite the predicament I'm faced with, no? 😉

So, as always, when I need advice,
I talked to my friend, Nell Taliercio of ,
I posted at my Ryze Network/
and I asked my mentors for advice at MomMasterminds
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I asked “If you only had one hour a day to devote to your business, how would you spend it?”

When I asked myself that question, it made me focus more on thigs that are most productive. Personally, I've given up a lot of my forums and ryze groups, and, as you know, I've bought my cool little mp3 player so I can combine learning with exercise.
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Other than that, I'm making a list every morning of 6 things I want to accomplish for the day and am trying to stick to it. (those who get the WC saw my mostly-sane daily list — a little scary, isn't it? lol)
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Whether your business is online or offline, I do think this is important — to identify your time wasters and to focus on the activities that make you mo.ney.

Here are some replies from the smart members of my Ryze network.

They said…

Go online only to check emails once or twice per day – and just briefly. I have an autoreply set up with the office phone number if people want to reach me quickly. I check the messages if I am out of the office.

I spend more time networking offline than online as it is much more effective.

I carry cards everywhere and pass them out as I go along.

One thing I would work on is getting good link parteners. Not only will good links get your site indexed more, it can lead to increased traffic.

Stuff like emails and posting I think need to come after the mo.ney making activities like calling leads and building quality content webpages.

I'd automate my business as far as I could.

If I had only one hour per day I would focus on my customers, my business leads and my downline. Helping people comes first.

I too have become very selective of which forums and networking groups I'm involved in.

I have developed a large list of customers and leads, contacting 4 per day by phone it would take me more than a year to get through them all!

I would improve my web site's SEO. This is a never ending project.

Income generating activities… anything that builds my customer base or helps my team build their business…phone calls and specific networking geared toward that….

I'd say adding content to my websites, writing on my blogs, putting together my newsletter, posting to my forum…the things that I enjoy and make me money.

To make money immediately and really connect with people, I need to use the phone more.

A note on using the phone. Remember this:
Two calls a week is 100 calls in a year.
Three calls a week is 150 call per year…
One call a day is 365 calls in a year.
It really adds up.

I hope this gave you some inspiration to help you to gain focus on your computer and work time.

I'd love to get your thoughts on this. I can always use good advice. 🙂
Talk to you soon!

I adore comments! Please share your thoughts.

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