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Blog & Email Content Brainstorming Ideas For September

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My good friend, Ronnie, sent a great brainstorming list of ideas for what to blog about during September – and, because he’s a done-for-you content provider like me, he’s also linked a bunch of ideas that you can use to spark your content creation.

Of course, I’ve also added a bit to this to give you some more ideas. So if you’re planning your content for this month, I hope this is helpful.

The slow, peaceful days of summer are gone in a flash. The temperature begins to cool and suddenly, almost all at once, everyone has a million things going on. Year-end projects, school assignments, sports, after-school activities, and a thousand other things vie for attention.

  • Busyness is back. September is a month when things tend to speed up dramatically and your clients need help coping with this change.
  • Transitions can be scary. New schools, new friends, new jobs, new routines. Anxiety and stress reach a tipping point. Share tips and tricks to manage these emotions, fears, and challenges.
  • Get organized. With so much going on, your clients might feel the pinch of life’s pressures. Help get things in order with organizational and productivity strategies.

Here are some content packages (including articles, affirmations, workbooks and more) that can help you connect with your audience on those topics: 

The fun observances and holidays this month include…

SEP 1 – No Rhyme Or Reason Day


When something has no rhyme or reason, that means that it occurs unexpectedly. It just happens out of the blue – for no reason at all.

How can you connect with your audience on this holiday?

You could talk about any of these topics, as they’re all related to something coming out of the blue:

  • How we deal with uncertainty
  • Overcoming fears, worry, or anxiety about the future
  • The joy of surprises
  • Helping others out of the blue (random acts of kindness)

For example, today would be a great day to launch a product about how to overcome worry.

Conduct a poll to ask everyone what they worry about the most. Let them know that you’ll address the top worries in a webinar. This will generate attendance from those who are really interested in what you have to say.

Then, after you’ve discussed some solutions to those worries, introduce your product about overcoming worry, anxiety, and fears about the future.

Or, if you simply want an activity to engage with your audience, open a discussion on your Facebook page about random acts of kindness.

Check out these resources to fill out your program with ready-made content…

SEP 2 – Labor Day


The first Monday of September is Labor Day. We celebrate Labor Day by taking a well-deserved holiday from our work.

Celebrate this holiday with your tribe by focusing on stress relief.

For example, make a relaxing video for your audience members to watch on this leisurely day. You could use the “50 Stress Relief Strategies” slide deck presentation with one of the done-for-you audios here for background music. Make it ahead of time so you can take the day off – while still connecting with your audience!

Alternatively, you can delve into work-related topics like work/life balance, time management, or career change and job interviews.

Whichever topic you prefer, you’ll find some excellent content here…

SEP 5 -Be Late For Something Day


September 5 is Be Late For Something Day.

Today is a good day to reflect on why you might have a tendency to be late more often, or have to frantically rush around in order to be on time.

Would your life be more fulfilling if you cut out some of your activities that don’t add to your life?

If you simplified your life, you could slow down and enjoy the activities that do add to your life. You could be more mindful of what you’re doing.

And you could eliminate a lot of stress!

With such busy lifestyles nowadays, these reflections would resonate well with your audience. Take this opportunity to engage with them and ask them to think about these questions.

Schedule a workshop with activities and solutions to simplify their life and make it more satisfying. You could conduct the workshop via Facebook Live, set it up as a course with video lessons, or even as an email series with assignments for each day.

Check out these helpful resources below for done-for-you content that is excellent for this holiday…

SEP 5 – International Day Of Charity


September 5 is International Day of Charity, a day to focus on charity and efforts to alleviate poverty – either in your own community of via an international charity.

Today is a great day to issue a challenge to your readers on your Facebook page. Encourage them to do something charitable today to help someone less fortunate. They could give of their time or make a donation to a charity that resonates with them.

Open a discussion on your page and have your readers post what activity they did today in their charitable efforts. Their comments could give the other readers encouragement and ideas of what they, themselves, could do to help someone else.

Post an inspirational graphic along with an article with ideas for how they could help others.

You’ll find lots of ideas and ready-made content about helping others in these resources below…

SEP 6 – Read A Book Day


September 6 is Read A Book Day, a day to take advantage of the joys of reading.

Reading has many benefits. It can enhance your mind, bring you greater knowledge of topics that interest you, and encourage understanding of different cultures and the world around you.

Curling up with a good book can alleviate stress.

When you encourage your children to read, you give them benefits that can last a lifetime.

There are many activities that you can do to engage with your audience on this holiday.

Consider these ideas:

  • Read a story to your audience. Peruse our Library of Fables for a great story with an important life lesson related to your coaching practice. Use Facebook Live or record an audio.
  • For your readers who are short on time, post an article on your blog or social media page with tips for speed reading.
  • Send an email to your list with a free download for a handout about how to encourage your children to read.

Check out these resources below, and the Fables Library, for brandable, PLR content you can use for this holiday…

SEP 6 – Fight Procrastination Day


September 6 is Fight Procrastination Day.

This holiday encourage you to look at your tendency to put things off and see if you can find a solution that helps you get things done, instead.

You can engage with your audience today by offering that solution. Beating procrastination, time management, and effective motivation are all topics that can be the fuse that gets them going!

This is a great day to launch a product on one of these aspects of procrastination. You could offer a special report with worksheets or conduct a workshop live or via email lessons.

Having your clients fill out a journal to track their efforts is always helpful. Consider the “Time Management Journal” in the resources below.

Check out these other resources, as well, to fill out your Procrastination Day program with quick, ready-made content perfect for this holiday…

SEP 8 – International Literacy Day


September 8 is International Literacy Day, a day to promote literacy throughout the world.

You can relate to your audience on this holiday by talking about the importance of education and life-long learning.

One good way to bring this topic to your readers is to post an inspirational graphic about expanding your mind along with an article on your blog or social media page.

Then, follow this up with an email to your list with a link to the post and offering a complimentary download of an affirmation that encourages the recipient to pursue further learning.

Check out these and more resources to use for your International Literacy Day content…

SEP 8 – National Grandparents Day


National Grandparents Day is the first Sunday in September after Labor Day.

This is a day to honor grandparents and acknowledge their importance in the family and our communities.

You can engage with your audience today by talking about grandparents on your social media page or in an email to your list.

Ask your followers to remember special memories with their grandparents. Encourage them to reconnect with a phone call or visit.

If your readers are parents, their own parents are now grandparents as well. How do your readers encourage their children to make happy memories with their grandparents? Do they make time for visits? How often? What could they do to offer greater support of their children’s relationship with their grandparents?

Check out these resources below for excellent content you can use for your National Grandparents Day activities…

SEP 10 – Swap Ideas Day


September 10 is Swap Ideas Day – a great day for discussing solutions and brainstorming with others.

You could engage with your audience today by brainstorming together. Take a poll of your readers’ most pressing issues in your specialty and have a brainstorming session on your Facebook page to find solutions for those challenges. Swap ideas freely and guide them with your expertise.

Share action tips that help them bring out their creativity, such as the article “8 Simple Methods for Generating Great Ideas.”

Share an affirmation, such as “My Mind is Open to New Ideas” to encourage their willingness to try out new solutions.

You can find these resources and more below to use for your Swap Ideas Day programs…

SEP 10 – World Suicide Prevention Day


September 10 is World Suicide Prevention Day, a day to raise awareness of this preventable tragedy.

As a coach, you can do your part to help by engaging with your audience about this important topic. You can provide your readers with tips and actionable strategies that they can start using immediately to help them deal with depression and negative emotions.

Put together a product to help them manage and overcome their challenges. Include an eBook or inspiring lessons, worksheets, and uplifting affirmations to help them from several angles.

Offer your product to your list via email.

Check out these resources below for inspiring content you can use on this important day. This could be the day that you save someone’s life.

SEP 11 – Patriot Day


September 11 is Patriot Day.

This American holiday reminds us of the impact of 9/11. On this day, you could share your own personal memory of that day with your audience, or open a dialog for what it means to them.

SEP 13 – Positive Thinking Day


September 13 is Positive Thinking Day.

This holiday reminds us to acknowledge the power of positive thinking and learn how we can use it to our advantage.

You can celebrate this holiday with your audience in many ways:

  • Make an inspiring video with positive thinking wallpapers. Use cheerful music or read an affirmation about positivity for the background audio.
  • Have a workshop with action tips and worksheets to encourage positive thinking. You can have a live workshop on Facebook Live or make an email series of lessons.
  • Have a challenge on your Facebook page.. Challenge your readers to go 1 – 5 days without negative thoughts. When a negative thought pops up, replace it with something positive. Invite your challenge-takers to comment on their experience.

You’ll find plenty of done-for-you content in these resources below for your Positive Thinking Day activities…

SEP 14 – Hug Your Hound Day


September 14 is Hug Your Hound Day, a day to acknowledge and celebrate man’s best friend.

Dogs can teach us so many things, including loyalty, unconditional love, and the joys of thinking of someone other than ourselves. They encourage us to exercise. And those who focus on personal growth can learn a lot from studying dog training. Who would’ve guessed that dogs could be so valuable for personal self-improvement pursuits?

You can even use dogs to engage with your audience, get new clients, and celebrate this holiday all at the same time! Everyone likes a cute dog!

Make a video with an endearing pup and talk about some self-improvement ideas that we can learn from dogs. Post it on your blog or Facebook page and encourage folks to sign up for an email series based on a related idea in your specialty.

Check out these dog-related ready-made resources for your Hug Your Hound Day program…

SEP 21 – International Day Of Peace

September 21 is International Day of Peace, a day to celebrate peace – both within and with others.

Our hectic lifestyles cause us a lot of stress and chaos. Your audience is looking for something that can bring them peaceful feelings – serenity – tranquility.

This is a perfect day for engaging with your audience by catering to that desire for inner peace.

Launch a product today that teaches your customers how to put the peace back into their lives.

Publicize it with peaceful videos that stand out from the noise of everyday life.

Lead a meditation session on Facebook Live to show them how they can slow down their racing thoughts, clear their mind, and then bring that peace with them into the rest of their day.

Check out these resources for stress-free, ready-made content to fill out your International Peace Day programs…

SEP 21 – National CleanUp Day


The third Saturday in September is National CleanUp Day.

This holiday reminds us that Spring cleaning can – and should – be done anytime during the year, not just in the Spring. After all, the benefits we derive from a good cleaning wear off as soon as everything gets dirty again, which is more often than once a year!

Spring cleaning isn’t just for decluttering your home or business. Clearing the clutter out of your mind is important too!

Today is a great day to share some tips and tricks with your audience about how to clear out the clutter and keep it that way, both in the space around you and in your mind.

Post a helpful article, such as “Top Ten Ways to Declutter Your Mind,” on your blog or social media pages. Add your own comments to make it yours.

You’ll find this article and many more resources below that you can use to build your National CleanUp Day program…

SEP 26 – Love Note Day


September 26 is Love Note Day, a day for honoring your romantic partner by sending them heartfelt notes of love.

Everyone enjoys being “romanced.” Connect with your audience on this fun holiday by showing them ways to increase the romance in their relationship.

Make a product about love and introduce it during your webinars.

Have fun with this holiday! Check out these resources for helpful, ready-made content you can use for your Love Note Day program…

SEP 28 – Ask A Stupid Question Day


September 28 is Ask a Stupid Question Day.

This holiday reminds us that, in reality, there’s no such thing as a stupid question! Asking questions is one of the most valuable ways that we learn.

One can learn a lot about themselves by asking questions. You can discover your life purpose, learn your passions, prepare for a job interview, find out if your partner will marry you, and much more by asking questions!

You can engage your audience today by sharing some of the most important questions and answers that your readers might have related to their challenges in your special expertise.

You could make a video of these FAQs, make a PDF and attach it to an email for your readers to download, make a series of emails with each covering one question, or post it on your website or social media page.

In these FAQs, you can invite them to sign up for one of your products for more in-depth information.

Check out these resources for easy, done-for-you content that you can use for your Ask A Stupid Question Day activities…

SEP 28 – Good Neighbor Day


September 28 is Good Neighbor Day, a day to be nice to your neighbors and help out in your community.

You can connect with your audience on this holiday by spearheading a project in your own neighborhood and encouraging your tribe to do something to help their community too.

Make a video of your project and use it to open a discussion on your Facebook page. Ask for ideas of ways your readers can be neighborly today and challenge your readers to take those ideas and turn them into reality.

Here is a resource for interesting content you can use to engage your audience on this Good Neighbor Day…

SEP 29 – World Heart Day


September 29 is World Heart Day.

This holiday reminds us that cardiovascular diseases are the biggest killer in our country today and encourages us to take action to protect ourselves with things we can do to prevent becoming another victim of this disease.

You can connect with your audience today by giving them important information that they can use to keep this disease at bay.

This would be a good day to launch a health-related product with the “5-Day Get Moving PLR Challenge.”

You can find this Challenge and many other heart-healthy resources for your World Heart Day program below…

Where to Publish the Articles

  • Your blog. Ronnie recommends using the Content Auto Loader.
  • Medium
  • Email newsletter
  • Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook
  • Tip: use the Content Summarizer to automatically select highlights from the article, then link to the full article on your blog
  • Publish in a weekly or monthly magazine template
  • Tip: Use this free coaching magazine template.
  • Print it and hand it out in your office

How and Where to Publish the Slide Deck Presentations

  • Present as a live webinar
  • Post the PDF to SlideShare
  • Create a video slideshow and published on YouTube and Facebook. Use Ronnie’s relaxation background audio as the music.

How and Where to Publish the Reports and Ebooks

  • Give it away as a lead magnet in exchange for name & email
  • Sell it as a low-ticket tripwire ($7 – $27)
  • Transform it into a slide deck presentation and deliver it as a webinar
  • Tip: Use the Auto Slide Deck tool to create presentations automatically
  • Extract the key highlights and present it as a Facebook or YouTube Live
  • Tip: use our Content Summarizer to automatically extract the key highlights from the book
  • Create a coaching program or course by combining a few reports, articles, worksheets, etc.
  • Tip: Watch the free video training series: How To Build a Course Using Content

How and Where to Publish the Affirmations & Reflections

  • Record several affirmations and sell it as a meditative audio course
  • Create a relaxation video and publish it on YouTube. Use the Inspirational Wallpapers as the background images.
  • Tip: Recite the affirmations, display the affirmations on the screen and add some relaxation background music that you can download from the Content Library.
  • Post the affirmation to Twitter and Facebook
  • Add an affirmation to your magazine or newsletter
  • Tip: Use this free coaching magazine template.
  • Email your list the “Affirmation of the Week”

Need Pictures to Spice up Your Content and Make Social Media Posts?

My favorite places to get images are:

Got questions? Just let me know in the comments. I do read them all.

Much love,

Nicole Dean (with lots of help from Ronnie Nijmeh)

I appreciate shares and I adore comments! Please share your thoughts.

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