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Do you ever doubt yourself?

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As a fellow entrepreneur / business owner, tell me if you can relate to this….

Because my business is such an extension of me, the two of us can ebb and flow together.

When I’m up, my business is up. I have more energy and creativity and focus and fun.

When I’m down, my business is down.

You get me? That is why I protect my mindset with my everything. Because my mindset (and mental health) is directly correlated to my ability to provide for my family, and to take care of myself.

How do I do this?

  • I surround myself with awesome, loving, warm people as much as I possibly can.
  • I feel my brain good stuff. (Speaking of which, right now, I am gobbling up the Buddhist Bootcamp podcast.)
  • I meditate (here are two articles I’ve written about it: Entrepreneurs who Meditate | Best Resources for Meditation) and do yoga and eat healthy foods.
  • I stay away from negative people as much as possible.
  • I question my every reaction to see what it’s gaining me, if anything, and how I can reframe my thoughts.
  • And I work on ME. I don’t just invest in marketing courses and the latest business strategies. I invest in ME. Becoming the strongest version of me possible. (And I hope you do the same.)
  • I also do these 20+ things to stay on top of my anxiety.

One person who has always challenged me to be the Awesomest Nik possible throughout the years, is Kelly McCausey.

She’s my business partner in Beachpreneurs. She’s my travel buddy. And she has loved me fiercely over the years, even when I haven’t even liked myself.

She came to me the other day with an idea that she was really excited about and asked for my feedback. I read the sales page and told her I adored the idea.

Here’s what she’s doing.

She’s created a fun program where she’s sending a little encouraging note in the mail every month that you’ll receive in your mailbox, along with an audio that will boost you even more.

This is specific to entrepreneurs … those of us who doubt ourselves on a minute by minute basis. 🙂

Whether you need an occasional pick-me up or reminder that what you’re doing matters, or you just want a little love every month, I do think you should check this out.

Get your mindset notes right here.

10% of every purchase will go to a fund that supports women in some way. The organization will be collectively chosen quarterly. 🙂

I’ll be back with more soon!

Warmly and with big hugs,


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