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What are Successful WAHMs Doing that you Aren’t?

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Have you ever wanted to ask a successful work at home mom some of these questions?

  • What are the top 3 things you've done to grow your online business?
  • What is one mistake you've made and learned from?
  • Was there a “tipping point” that got you to full time money? What was it?

A few months back, I was invited by my friend, Carrie Lauth, to participate in an ebook about moms earning a full-time income from home. She sent me those exact questions. I wrote my answers, send them to her, and honestly forgot about it.

Well, during that time, Carrie had been a networking MACHINE! She'd gone around and found many other work at home moms earning money from home and collected their info, as well.

The result is this ebook. FULL TIME WAHM! – 16 interviews with women successfully working from home earning a full-time living.
It's an interesting read. I enjoyed reading the challenges other work at home moms face. It made me feel less stupid for having faced many of the challenges myself. 🙂 The only thing I wished for at the end were MORE stories, so Carrie definitely did a great job. (That's how I feel at the end of any really good book.)

Here's the link again if you're interested… FULL TIME LIVING!


PS. Please post your struggles, comments, and questions below. I'd love to hear your answers… and I'll share some of mine in the weeks to come. 🙂


  • K.C. Gagne

    If I find a competitive niche, it isn’t a very profitable one. All of the profitable ones have too much competition. I’ve made some progress and am making a few dollars from Adsense and Squidoo, but I’m just not getting the traffic I need on my websites. I can’t find a balance of quality and quantity. Does that make sense?

  • Administrator

    Hey KC!

    I know exactly what you mean. Although, I’m learning not to avoid the niches that have a lot of competition these days — since that’s usually where the money is.

    But, the quality vs. quantity thing is a conundrum for sure. (Says the girl with over 70 websites.) I’m making it my goal before the end of the year to sell several of my sites so I’m not spread so thin. Instead of throwing a wide net over several markets, I’d like to really focus on a few really high-quality, authority sites.

    Heck, I think I feel an article coming on. 😉 You’ve inspired me once again!

    And, of course, you can call or IM if you want to think anything through.


  • Nell Taliercio

    I really enjoyed Carrie’s report myself. 🙂

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