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Come as you Are Blog Party — eek!

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There’s a come as you are Blog Party going on and Kelly McCausey and Lynette Chandler just tagged me.

This means I had to take a picture of myself this very moment. Lucky for me my camera was not charged. However, I did “play” — so you’re stuck seeing me in my jammies with my hair all nasty.

I did cheat a little, by playing with my pictures in a graphics program. So you get to see me in “Photocopy” mode and in some other “Pastel Painting” or something mode. lol.

Here I am —

 – being goofy (self portrait so I had to chop my arm off so you can’t see me holding the camera)

 – Another goofy one. Oh, heck, all my pictures are goofy! lol.

Ok, instructions are to post a picture as you are right at this moment, then tag four other bloggers to come join the party… so here goes:

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