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As always, we are on a search for articles that YOU can brand with your affiliate links for that program. If you’re using articles in your newsletter and on your website, you might as well make money on the traffic that is clicking out through the author bio, right? 🙂 I know I prefer to.

Here are some new ones we’ve found. (To be clear, you must include the author bio with every article. However, you can sign up for the affiliate program and use your affiliate link for that program instead of the generic link.)
An ebook about planning the perfect princess parties.
An ebook teaching how to sell on eBay.
This program sells advertising to people in Direct Sales.
A menu-planning service for Moms to save time and money.
A healthy menu-planning email service.

All of the programs above offer brandable articles for your use.

Let us know if you find other programs that our readers would be interested in, or if you are confused by this concept. I’d be happy to explain. 🙂

PS. As always, you can visit
to find more brandable articles.

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